The following links are to games that you can play to help your key names and note naming.  Have fun!!



Music Tech Teacher   This site has many music games to play.  A great place to explore.


Keyboard Trainer  On this key name game you can turn the black keys off or on!


Note Trainer     This game works on naming notes on the staff.  You may go into the settings and pick treble clef, bass clef or both and set the note range you wish to work on.


60 Second Club   See how many notes you can name in 60 seconds - join the club!   There are many note naming and interval naming games on this page - just choose your level and have fun!


Snowflake notes     Here is a fun game to work on treble clef during the holiday season.


Meteor Match   For beginners - earn points by recognizing quarter and half notes!


Musical Darts    Also for beginners - earn points on a dart board by recognizing musical symbols.