This website is for the piano students and parents of the Faye Smith Piano Studio in Mason, Ohio.  Please use the links at the left of this page to access the studio calendar, studio policy and information about upcoming events.

On the resources page you will find links to interesting websites (including an online music dictionary) and you will be able to download many of the handouts that I use in the studio.  I hope you find this website useful.

"If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, disciplne and endurance.  He gets a beautiful heart."

Dr. Shin'ichi Suziki


Mrs. Smith with the band, "Forever Diamond"   



In this video see Mrs. Smith performing with "Forever Diamond" as the halftime show for the Super Bowl service at Crossroads Church in Oakley.


This couple make playing piano look like fun?!!!  They have been married for 62 years.  This just makes me smile - hope you all enjoy it too.


Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the "Power of the Pentatonic Scale"